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Italian musician and dee jay producer.
He studied classical music and played the piano for many years, and discovers his passion for electronic music only at the age of eighteen.
He approaches the first vinyl in 2003 but began his career as dj only in 2007 becoming resident in the main club of Sanremo’s city.
His first remix, “Not a Rebel Song” helps him to be known around the world and to be demanded as remixer by internationally renowned artists such as Natalie Gauci,Inaya Day, Menini & Viani, Jack & Joy, Doctors in Florence and others.
Between the 2009 and the 2011 he experienced some collaborations with some local radio, as a regular guest and with his own show called “Sensation Dance”.
After some years as artist of Adaptor Recordings, he start his own label, as a division of the Adaptor, the Positive Passion Records.
Lover of Trance, Progressive and Minimal, He’s always looking for the right balance between different styles.