Jovanotti – Ti Porto Via Con Me (Fabio Solazzo Remix)

Some years ago, the Italian Singer Jovanotti aka Lorenzo Cherubini, launched a Remix contest for two of his latest songs “Ti Porto Via Con Me” and “Tensione Evolutiva”.

Jovanotti is one of the few Italian singer that I like, so I decided to attend the competition remixing “Ti Porto Via Con Me”. (A friend of mine, suggested me to attend the competition after we were been at the “Backup Tour” Concert in Torino ).

Even if I not won the competition, this remix gained a good response from my followers and, until now, I still consider it one of my best remix ever.

Yesterday, I’ve decided to make a simple “video clip” of the Remix.

You can also download the track as FREE, (go to the home page, you will find it in the playlist).

Enjoy it.


Old Memories: My First (Attempt) Remix Ever!

Today I’m super excited about what I’ve found in the basement: an old postal bag containing a cd-r!

Opening the postal bag I’ve found a cd, (mastered by me in the 2004), containing a cubase project and 2 audio tracks.

The first thing I’ve though was: “after all this time it will works yet?!?”

Thanks God: the answer is YES.

I’m not using anymore Cubase, but all the exported files can be used with any other DAW, but It’s not important because the point are the 2 audio tracks: my first remix ever.

I’m a big fan of Freddie Mercury and Queen since “ever”, so, my first attempt of remixing something was a song of Freddie: “I Was Born To Love You”.

Listening it after 15 years it’s fun!

It’s absolutely a very rudimental attempt and the quality it’s very poor but It’s nice.

I remember that in those years, the function of time-stretch and pitch shifting wasn’t a standard feature in a DAW so, to get the voice of Freddie synched with the track was hard, it taken me hours and hours of “cut and paste” and some trick to fit the voice as well as possible with the rest of the music.

Don’t be rude to judge, please!


The Walking Dead: and the Cast that isn’t no more!


It’s really hard for me to “fall in love” with a Tv-Show but this happened with the popular AMC Show: The Walking Dead.

This happened about 5 years ago. During a rainy spring weekend, I’ve decided to watch, for the first time, all the first 3 seasons. So, I can’t be considered a fan from the begin.

Before that weekend, to me, The Walking Dead was only something I’ve heard described as the “greatest show ever”. Actually they were right, and even if season after season all is changed, I think that is still true. Through the years I’ve get involved and everything about TWD get my curiosity.

From the regular show switching to the spin-off and also console games or mobile games, were appreciated by me during this years.

But, now, at the end of the season 9 my question is:

is there any reason to make the show go on?

Since the first season, probably this was the most “strange” season; yes because everything is changed AND the main character is out of the show. Yes, I’m talking about Rick Grimes.

During the episode 5 – season 9, (one of the best ever, imho), Rick disappears due to the decision of Andrew Lincoln, who decided to go out of the show for personal reasons. The good thing is that Rick wasn’t killed but only brought away, after that moment the show jumped 6 years ahead from that circumstance, and the plot was been completely changed.

To be honest, this episode was great, and, if I should think about the “possible” final end of TWD, something like that episode, would be nice, i mean: the return to Atlanta, the come back of Shane and other characters, a walk through the whole story of the show, in few words.

But what I always thought about “the end” Is: when the last character of the first season will die, everything will be finished. And we’re near by this situation. After the “leaving” of Rick, only Daryl and Carol remain, because season after season, the entire cast was replaced.

So, the next question is:

Is still The Walking Dead?

We don’t know what will happen, BUT I’m sure, we all hope about the return of the deputy sheriff.

Because without Rick the feeling is different and Is not more The Walking Dead.