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It’s not a news that I’m a huge fan of the british band “called” Queen.
I just was a kid when I’ve discovered this band and I’ve fallen in love for theirs music. Some years later the Freddie Mercury’s death, the song “Living On My Own”, (included originally in the Freddie’s solo album “Mr. Bad Guy” 1985), was remixed in many different versions and it really became a dance hit, especially with the version “No More Brother Remix” (1993).

Despite knowing that the fans of Queen and Freddie Mercury can be very hard judging everything about published after the Freddie’s death, (most of them spent many hours even judging Brian and Roger for what happened with the “Queen +” project), I decided to remix this song, anyway.

The strange thing about “Living On My Own”, to me, is that… it’s a sad song, you can understand it reading the lyric. But, for some reason, even the original concept, made by Freddie in the 1985, was a dance style song.

The video was recorded in Munich at the Henderson nightclub, the scenes used for the video are taken during the Freddie’s 39th birthday party.

Before he died, Freddie, said to his manager and friends (the band): “after my death, you can make what you want with my music but never making me boring”.

So, with this remix, I hope to not making Freddie boring, (everywhere he is now).