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Today I’m super excited about what I’ve found in the basement: an old postal bag containing a cd-r!

Opening the postal bag I’ve found a cd, (mastered by me in the 2004), containing a cubase project and 2 audio tracks.

The first thing I’ve though was: “after all this time it will works yet?!?”

Thanks God: the answer is YES.

I’m not using anymore Cubase, but all the exported files can be used with any other DAW, but It’s not important because the point are the 2 audio tracks: my first remix ever.

I’m a big fan of Freddie Mercury and Queen since “ever”, so, my first attempt of remixing something was a song of Freddie: “I Was Born To Love You”.

Listening it after 15 years it’s fun!

It’s absolutely a very rudimental attempt and the quality it’s very poor but It’s nice.

I remember that in those years, the function of time-stretch and pitch shifting wasn’t a standard feature in a DAW so, to get the voice of Freddie synched with the track was hard, it taken me hours and hours of “cut and paste” and some trick to fit the voice as well as possible with the rest of the music.

Don’t be rude to judge, please!