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It’s hard to me to be impartial when I talk about Freddie or Queen, but, honestly, this new edit of “Time” is great.
I’ve just listen the track watching the new video, so I’m fresh and hot about it.

A song recorded in the 1986, a videoclip recorded in the 1986, Freddie left this world in the 1991 and he can still make us crying listening his music.

For those who already know this song, I know, they will say something like “It’s the same song of 30 years ago”; it’s true because only some part of the new edit are never heard before, BUT the result is great.
Also for the edit of this new video, they used some never seen before takes (or they show us different angles), it’s seems like “raw”.

We don’t know if, as Dave Clark said some weeks ago, this alternative takes was in the archive already done or if they have made this new edit “surfing the wave” of the movie “Bohemian Rhapsody” and to be honest, I don’t care about.

Freddie is great, he has a great voice, NO AUTOTUNE, he was absolutely blessed by God (for his voice).

I think this kind or releases takes “justice” to Freddie, we know how he loved the Opera-Classic music and, as many of us think, probably the “old” Freddie would love to make acoustic music like this.

So, my advice is: take a big breath and listen “Time Waits For No One” (watching this new video).

I’m sure, you will cry.

The video:

An interview with Dave Clark about “Time”: