Freddie Mercury – Living On My Own (Fabio Solazzo Remix 2020)

It's not a news that I'm a huge fan of the british band "called" Queen. I just was a kid when I've discovered this band and I've fallen in love for theirs music. Some years later the Freddie Mercury's death, the song "Living On My Own", (included originally in the...

The Soundlovers – Walking (Fabio Solazzo Remix 2020)

In the late '90s, The Soundlovers were very popular on the "Italo-Dance" scene. One of their greatest hits was been the song "Walking". During those strange days, during the lockdown, I found the inspiration to "refresh" this old song, (that I always loved), so this...

Melanie C – I Turn To You (Fabio Solazzo Remix 2020)

When I was a teenager, I was a Spice Girls fan; Melanie C, the "Sporty Spice", was my favorite. I was absolutely in love with Mel. After 20 years from the release of her single "I Turn To You", included in the album "Norther Star", this is my Remix. A fresh new...

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