Musician & Dj Producer

Trance – Progressive – Emotional


Fabio Solazzo, (aka Fabius), is an italian musician and dj producer.

Despite he studied classical music he always was attracted by the electronic music, meant as “music produced with a computer”.

He was just 12 years old when he begin using a Commodore Amiga computer and the music software called Octamed. Grown influenced by the melodic rock, he discovered his passion for the dance music when he was about 18 years old.

In the production of the electronic music he was mainly influenced by the italian hard-style and hard-trance scene. Some years later, when he lived in Rome, he begin to mixing the firsts vinyls learning from the m2o radio’s dee jays Elio Milani and Alberto Remondini. During the 2011 he started to remix many artists such Fabietto Cataneo, Inaya Day, Natalie Gauci, Menini & Viani, Doctors in Florence, Jack & Joy and others.

The same year, his first ever solo single “SGH” was been selected for the compilation “Essential Electro House n.14” (Atlantis – Saifam). During those years he also experienced collaborations with some radio, as a regular guest and with his own show called “Sensation Dance”. Lover of Trance and Progressive, he’s always looking for the right balance between different styles.


AURELIO is the “alter ego” of Fabio Solazzo, mainly used for the production of Meditations and Healing Music at 432hz.


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